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Raising Standards in Houston Remodeling Since 1996

Wayland Construction is dedicated to creating an enhanced living environment uniquely tailored to each of our clients. We are a Design Build firm located in Houston, Texas, and are proud to hear from our customers that we've set a higher standard for Houston remodeling.

What can you expect from Wayland Construction, a Design Build firm? Picture this: Instead of working with an architect, a remodeler and subcontractors individually, you're able to work with one company that handles all aspects of your project for you. Since we sit down with you to understand what you want for your home from the beginning, you'll get:

  • A more accurate estimate
  • An assurance that what we design together can actually be built
  • An open line of communication about your project
  • A finished product that you will love

Wayland Construction's team of professionals has a long track record in the Houston building industry, and you can depend on a stress-free experience and a polished end result. Our customers repeatedly express how easy working with Wayland has been.

That's because each customer has direct communication with our top level executives, so they always get the answers they're looking for.

It's also because our staff has the experience and the expertise to find the right solutions to the most challenging roadblocks, so we are more capable of executing the vision you have for your home.

Our passion is building, and our greatest satisfaction comes from giving our clients the homes they'll love to live in.


  Certified Graduate Remodeler and Graduate Master Builder

You expect nothing less than professional caliber work. But with so many remodelers in the Houston market, it can be difficult to know who to entrust your project to.

That's why the National Association of Homebuilders created the Certified Graduate Remodeler and Graduate Master Builder certifications. Wayland Construction is proud to have earned both of these designations by meeting nationally defined criteria for previous experience, adhering to prescribed business standards and engaging in continuing education.

You can be confident when you hire Wayland Construction, because we have demonstrated our commitment to excellence, to education, and to our customers.

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  Certified Green Professional

It seems like everyone in the building industry today claims to be a green expert. As a homeowner, it's vital to know the difference between the remodeler who really knows how to make the most out of your green investment and the remodeler who is just pushing the latest fads on you.

That's why the National Association of Homebuilders developed a program with over 24 hours of classroom instruction and continuing education requirements to earn the Certified Green Professional (CGP) designation. Graduates of this program are experts in developing strategies to incorporate green building principals into homes using cost-effective and affordable options.

No matter what your reason is for going green – lower energy bills, less maintenance time, protecting the environment – you're protecting your investment by choosing a Certified Green Professional like Wayland Construction.

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  Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist

Many people dream of growing old and enjoying their home for years to come.

In order to "age-in-place" safely, independently and comfortably, modifications can be made to your home to accommodate your changing physical needs. Whether that means installing railings, ramps, expanding a downstairs master suite, lowering countertops and light switches or redesigning a bathroom, making these essential changes means you'll have the pleasure of living in a familiar environment throughout your maturing years. You'll have the ability to enjoy the family daily rituals and the special events that enrich all our lives and the reassurance of being able to call your house a "home" for a lifetime.

Wayland Construction is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS). We've dedicated our time to earn this designation from the National Association of Homebuilders and to be trained properly in making these types of home modifications. As a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, you can be confident that we will take the time to assess your unique needs, recommend the best solutions to address your situation, and provide the quality remodeling work you and your home deserve.

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